After School

The H.O.M.E. Incorporated After School Program is for individuals who are developmentally delayed. Most also have behavioral concerns. This program is for individuals between the ages of 10 and 22 years old. This program is committed to providing the best quality services to families of disabled individuals. The programs hours are from 2pm – 6pm Monday through Friday. Furthermore, transportation is provided for every individual in the program.

The program offers the following activities:

  • Indoor/outdoor activities such as games, recreational play, and academics
  • Creative arts and crafts
  • Computer time
  • Music
  • Special events
  • Homework assistance

The staff encourage:

  • Describing feelings, emotions, and options
  • Using langurage appropriate for audience and settings

In addition to the various activities that are offered, our staff seeks to teach and promote good hygiene, including:

  • Hand washing
  • Brushing teeth
  • The importance of bathing

Along with the after school hours, the H.O.M.E. Inc. After School Program also has summer and holiday hours, which are from 10pam – 6pm.