314 Hudson Street

314 Hudson Street is an apartment complex for families whose head of household is developmentally disabled. This five apartment complex provides families with subsidized housing.

The building has:

  • (1) 4-bedroom apartment
  • (3) 3-bedroom apartments
  • (2) 2-bedroom apartments

Description of Services:

Residential Habilitation allowss for the provision of supports and services in the person’s own home. Services are provided to teach the skills needed for an individual to be independent, and to provide the assistance needed for individuals to live on their own. Services should be based on the Valued Outcomes identified in each person’s individualized Service Plan (ISP).

Services Provided/Training In:

  • Independent performance of personal hygiene tasks.
  • Independent performance of general household chores(ie. meal preparation, shopping, laundry, cleaning and maintenance of orderly environment).
  • Maximizing independence in personal healthcare(i.e. regular medical/dental appointments and knowledge of proper nutritional habits).
  • Maximizing personal financial management and budgeting skills.
  • Appropriate social behaviors in both community and household settings.
  • Referrals, when needed are made by the Program Coordinator to outside services.
  • Residential Staff provide each individual with five hours of service per week, in which, the individual is expected to be available to complete the agreed upon hours as scheduled.
  • Safe and reliable transportation is provided.

Children At Risk is a prat of our program in which we provide services to children up to age 18. Services include transportation to and from appointments and helping them to get the support they need in order to enhance daily living skills.