Day Habilitation

The H.O.M.E Inc. Day habilitation Program provides fun and safe environment to learn and grow for developmentally disabled adults, ranging from 21 to 70 years of age. Our intent is to inspire a strong sense of purpose to those we serve. Services are provided by skilled and caring Day Hab Consultants.

Our program is designed to assist individuals with developmental disabilities to become participating, contributing members of their community. Each unique setting focuses on meaningful enhancement of identified skill areas while fostering community integration through volunteer experiences, career exploration, socialization and daily living skills. The center-based classes consists of Nutrition & Healthy Eating, Wellness Center (Physical Fitness). Interpersonal Skill Building, English, Math, Spelling, Reading, Money Management, Personal Hygiene/ Grooming & basic Adult Education. They have a variety of volunteer sites to choose from. They are afforded the opportunity to assist in planning and implementing many activities. They learn to share and teach each other.

“Fun”tastic Fridays

After a full week of structure with their Academic Classes and Volunteer work, participants look forward to our fun packed Fridays. The menus of choices are:

  • Group travel/Bowling League
  • Mall shopping/YMCA workouts
  • Favorite restaurants/Cookouts
  • Zoo visits/Museums
  • Picnics/Park games
  • Swimming/Beaches

We also celebrate everyone’s birthday; they receive many gifts and enhoy their favorite activities during these times. They also attend dinner dances and enjoy many holiday parties.

Hours of Operation

The serrvices are provided from 9am to 2:30pm Monday – Friday.