Family Care

The Family Care Program provides residential and supportive services for individuals who are developmentally disabled. Participants range in the age from 1-100 years. These individuals are matched with a family or individual person and placed in their home. This program is similar to foster care. The family care provider is paid for the services rendered to the individual in their home.

The family care provider is expected to provide love, support, patience and understanding to the client in their home and treat them as a family member.

Qualifications for family care providers:

  • Medicaid exclusion check
  • Background check
  • Clean driving record
  • Physical from doctor
  • 30 hours of intial training and 8 hours annually
  • 3 References
  • Home Study (staff visiting and viewing your place of residence to make sure that your residence is safe)

The process to become a family care provider requires cerification by the NYS OMRDD. Agency staff assist applicants in completing the required paperwork.

Family Care is a program that is very rewarding. You will play a vital role in enhancing the life of an individual with a disability and advocate for their needs in your home as well as in the community.

If you are interested in applying please contact Tami Patterson or Shirley Goddard at 315.472.5110.