Residential Day Habilitation

<p>H.O.M.E. Inc. at Home Residential Habilitation is an individualized one-on-one service provided in the home as well as the community. these services are based on a person’s Individualized Service Plan (ISP). The ISP is created with the individual and his/her service coordinator. This assists individuals with increasing, acquiring and maintaining functional skills, such as individuals’ independence, community integration, and self-worth. Individual’s progress is documented on a daily and monthly basis. Services are Medicaid funded with a wide range of hours that are flexible to fit your schedule.</p>
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<td valign=”top”><h2>Services Provided at Home</h2>
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<li>Meal Preparation</li>
<li>Housekeeping Skills</li>
<li>Reading and Writing</li>
<td><h2>Community Activities</h2>
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<li>Health and Fitness (YMCA)</li>
<li>Social Independence</li>
<li>Money Management</li>
<li>Grocery Shopping</li>
<li>Public Transportation Training</li>
<li>Volunteer Sites (Meals On Wheels)</li>
<p>Residential Habilitation providers understand that it is more important to have a meaningful life than to be proficient in evry activity of daily living.</p>
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